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Twin Oaks

What a great community Twin Oaks is becoming!  We are proud of the neighborhood and the people that call it home so Thank you!!

  • Please keep an eye on your community for any unusual activity and if it appears illegal please call 911
  • We are aware the road needs work and I expect to grade it in the next few weeks and eventually regravel and install ditches and culverts on the right side of Burchalls Park Drive.
  • We have 6 home remaining and expected to complete a large 2 bedroom by August 1rst.


Daniels Creek Village

  • 10 years CENTIS Properties has owned and operated DCV!  It has been a long road but we have to Thank our tenants for making Daniels Creek Village a very different community in Collinsville. 
  • As you have experienced we are not your typical "trailer park" because we believe that there are great people that are looking for a comfortable and safe home and community to live in that is affordable so we do our best to provide that. 
  • We are slowly improving Daniels Creek Village with several roof tops that are in bad need of a new coating so you will see those done soon. We are and have been a 100% reinvestment company since founding CENTIS Properties in 2008 and you benefit as a tenant.  We are really motivated to make Daniels Creek Village the nicest community in Henry County but we need your help doing this.  We really depend on each tenant to pay rent by the 1rst day of each month, take care of the home inside and out by cleaning clutter in and around your home.  These simple acts will help us make your community a nicer place to live and one you can be proud of.
  • As many of you recall we replaced much of the water supply line on Chip Circle, right and center rows.  We experienced very large and out of control water bills from PSA (300% increase over normal) for many months.  We looked at each home and could never find a water leak that would justify this very large bill.  We decided the best best course of action was to replace the supply line for those homes.  During the installation of the new pipe they discovered a main line that had a very large slit in it that was most likely there when installed years ago and just grew.  After installing the new water supply line our monthly bill dropped to normal.

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