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Community Rules


WATER LEAKS:  Tenant is to notify the Landlord immediately of any running water in the kitchen, bathroom sink, bathtub or any other faucets. 

  • If the toilet is running and does not shut off properly, Tenant is to notify Landlord immediately.
  • Any water leak inside or out of the unit needs to be reported as an emergency by calling 1-866-563-8777 ext 215.

Tenant shall be responsible for reasonable repairs/maintenance of residence.   For example: all tenants should attempt to plunge a clogged toilet and call maintenance if unable to resolve a clog.  If repairs are found to be due to the misuse of tenant/guests, tenant shall be liable for repair costs.

Because of the possibility of damage to underground wiring and plumbing, no poles, rods, or tie down straps are to be put in the ground without written Landlord approval.

NOTHING can be attached to the outside of the trailer or decks including satellite dishes, antennae’s, clothes lines or lighting rod without written Landlord’s approval.

No inoperable vehicles or vehicles without valid license plates are permitted on the property including cars, trucks, mini-bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes, go carts and ATV’s.  RV’s and boats of any kind are not permitted to be stored on the community grounds.

Tenant is responsible for keeping the area around the trailer clean and free of trash and clutter at all times. No trash of any kind is to be left outside of the trailer or on the porches.  Trash should be properly disposed of in provided receptacles.  Fees will be charged if CENTIS Properties, LLC staff must dispose of trash.

Do not dispose of condoms, tampons, diapers, baby wipes or any type of sanitary napkins in a commode.

Dispose of grease properly and DO NOT POUR DOWN ANY DRAIN.

Any repairs determined to be from abuse will be billed to Tenant accordingly with monthly invoice.

No Liquid Filled Furnishings allowed due to excessive weight.  This includes water beds and aquariums containing more than __ gallons of water.

An interior unit inspection will be conducted quarterly or as deemed necessary to identify preventative maintenance items and to ensure property is being cared for and clean.  Any violations will be noted and re-inspection will occur.  If violations are not corrected, the Landlord has the right to terminate the lease.

Two parking spaces are provided for each trailer

The community speed limit is 10 miles per hour

Drinking of alcoholic beverages should be kept to your premises and in no way should it cause a disruption to neighbors.  This extends to visitors.

It’s the Tenant’s responsibility to obtain Renters Insurance to protect personal property.

Out of respect to your neighbors excessive noise will not be tolerated which means no large parties, loud music, or use of profanity/vulgar language outside your residence.  This extends to visitors.

No Air Rifles, BB Guns, Bow and Arrow, Firearms, or Fireworks are permitted on community property.  Discharge of any of the above is cause for immediate termination of lease.

Tenant acknowledges that Landlord will not be responsible for food or other perishable items due to malfunctions of the refrigerators, stoves and air conditioners.

Children are not allowed to play in or around empty homes, spaces or their water and sewer lines.  Parents will be held responsible for all damages.

Children should not be on the premises of any other tenant unless invited to do so by that tenant.

Adult supervision is required for all children. Parents will be held responsible for all damages.

Tenant is responsible for the conduct of any residents, guests or invitees on the premises.  No residents, guests or invitees shall be permitted to either disturb other tenants or damage such premises.  This includes guests of your children.

Tenant shall be responsible for reasonable care of the smoke detectors in accordance with Section 55-248.16 Code of Virginia, and for the interim testing and providing written notice to the Landlord for the repair of any malfunctioning smoke detector.  Note: Working batteries are not to be removed so as to render smoke detector inoperative.

No residents or guests should be wandering through the park or loitering after 11:00 pm.  Anyone failing to abide by this 11:00 pm park curfew will be considered trespassing and the police department will be called.

The use of any additional heat source such as space heaters and kerosene or propane heaters is strictly prohibited.  Any problems with your heat should be reported to the property manager so maintenance can check the system.

Window treatments other than window blinds and curtains are prohibited.  At no time should items such as towels, sheets, blankets, flags etc. be visible hanging in the window of the unit.