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We Love Referrals From Our Current Tenants

Tenants - Let your friends, family and co-workers know about CENTIS Properties and get rewarded!!  Just tell them to mention your name before they apply and if they are approved and sign a 12 month lease we will reward you with your choice of either 1) an immediate $100.00 rent voucher at the start of the referred tenant's lease or  2) a "Free Month" voucher if your referral pays on time for the first 6 full months of their tenancy. Once received, vouchers can be redeemed any month you choose. For more details please call the office. If you know someone who may be interested, please have them contact us at 866-563-8777 ext 200 and make sure they mention your name.

Very Important Reminders

All EMERGENCY repairs including suspected water leaks should be reported by calling 1-866-563-8777 ext. 215.

Heating your home

During the cold days and nights, keeping your thermostat at or below 68 degrees or at a constant temperature will conserve electricity and reduce your power bill.  An extra blanket or sweater may keep you comfortable without increasing your electricity cost.


Clutter in your home such as piles of clothes, boxes and dirty dishes left out will attract unwanted bugs.


All NON-EMERGENCY repairs MUST be reported by calling 1-866-563-8777 ext. 210 and leaving a detailed message or by sending an email to: repair@centisproperties.com

Rent Due

Rent is ALWAYS due on the 1st day of the month and late fees start on the 6th.  If you miss payment on the 1st it is very important you call the office at 1-866-563-8777 ext. 200 to let the Office Manger know ASAP.  No action on your part will result in an unlawful detainer being filed.   

Disruptive behavior

 ALWAYS report a tenant or any individual that is disrupting the quiet and safe nature of your community by calling 866-563-8777 ext. 200 or ext. 205.  Furthermore, if you suspect the activity is illegal please call 911.


If a CENTIS Properties employee notices a pet at your home and the pet is not approved and you have NOT paid the pet fees, we will start billing per pet per month in addition to a non-refundable pet fee. Consideration will only be given to pets 15lbs and under and approval is at our discretion.  If we suspect unauthorized pets reside in your home we will schedule frequent inspections which could lead to eviction.  No pets are allowed tied up outdoors and should be on a leach accompanied by tenant when outside.

Water Usage

Per your lease you are allowed 4,000 gallons per month.  We will be updating usage meters on each unit and you will be billed for any overage.  It is VERY important that you immediately report any leaks on the repair line 1-866-563-8777 ext. 210 or send an email to: repair@centisproperties.com